List of Presenters

NoNameInstitutionAbstract Title
1Achmad JamilUniversitas Gadjah MadaMortality Projection: Heligman-Pollard Indonesian Life Table Construction and Mortality Rate Forecasting Using Lee-Carter Method
2Ady FebrisutisyantoInstitut Teknologi BandungConstruction of Multiple Decrement Tables using the Common Distribution of Decrements Assumption
3Agah D. GarnadiOptimal Control Approach to Data Graduation
4Ahmad Fuad ZainuddinInstitut Teknologi BandungCrop Insurance Based on Total Loss: Protection of Farmers Against the Risk of Crop Failure
6Ameilea Chealsea EkaputrieUniversitas Islam IndonesiaModeling Claims Filed and Paid on Health Insurance Using the Hybrid ARIMA-Copula Method
7Anggia Somya SitaUniversitas Gadjah MadaReserving with a Simulation-Based Approach and Its Application to Risk Adjustment Under IFRS 17
8Berlian SetiawatyIPB UniversityPredicting Conditions of the Stock Market Using Hidden Markov Models
9David EuricoInstitut Teknologi BandungThe Influence of Link Function on Limited Fluctuation and Partial Credibility
10Dila PuspitaInstitut Teknologi BandungMultiperiod Mean-Variance Portfolio Model with Constraints
11Donny Citra LesmanaIPB UniversityComparison of Binomial and Trinomial Methods in Bermudan Option Pricing
12Erica Grace SimanjuntakInstitut Teknologi BandungMeasuring the Risk Aversion of Health Insurance Participants for Coordination of Benefits Scenario in Indonesia
13Espreilla Harin WidhastikaInstitut Teknologi BandungModeling The Risk of Financial Loss Due to The Baribis Fault Earthquake Using Vine Copula in DKI Jakarta Province
14Fera RusantiBPJS KesehatanThe Application of Spatial-Temporal Inhomogeneous Model in Forecasting Healthcare Expenditures
15Fitri Catur LestariSekolah Tinggi Ilmu StatistikRobust Path Analysis Development for Indonesian Economic Growth Determinants
16Helena MargarethaUniversitas Pelita HarapanMonte-Carlo Simulation for Risk Management of Cyber Insurance
17Hengki Eko PutraPT Reasuransi MAIPARK IndonesiaImplementation MAIPARK Catastrophe Modelling for Flood Insurance Pricing
18Jerremy Stanley HermantoUniversitas Gadjah MadaEstimation of Structural Losses Due to Earthquakes in the Special Region of Yogyakarta
19Kezya Fabian RamadhanUniversitas Gadjah MadaOptimal Safety Loading Estimation Using Ruin Probability Approach
20Maria Zefanya SampePrasetiya Mulya UniversityPure Premium Model of Joint-Life Insurance for Critical Disease Diabetes Mellitus with Markov Chain Approach
21Mey Lista TauryawatiPrasetiya Mulya UniversityClustering of Disaster Prone Areas in Java Island
22Nadiyatul GhinaInstitut Teknologi BandungPredicting Frequency and Severity of National Health Insurance Claims Using Generalized Linear Models
23Nursiti AzirahInstitut Teknologi BandungDetermination of Tabarru Premium in Takaful Unit-Link using Black Scholes Model
24Pida MahaniInstitut Teknologi BandungCalculation of the Premium for Joint Life Insurance of Married Couple Using Kumaraswamy Mortality Rates
25Primadina HasanahInstitut Teknologi KalimantanApplication of Generalized Linear Model to Estimate Weather Factors on Flood Occurrences in Balikpapan
26Raditya PrabaswaraBPJS KesehatanCluster Analysis of Province Case Mix Index on Indonesian National Health Security (BPJS Kesehatan) System
27Randhy PratamaInstitut Teknologi BandungStock Price Modeling Using Geometric Brownian Motion And Deep Learning
28Rico Fernando NainggolanPT Reasuransi MAIPARK IndonesiaImplementation MAIPARK Catastrophe Modelling for Flood Insurance Pricing
29Riyan Zulmaniar VinahariInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh NopemberNowcasting Population using Support Vector Regression (SVR) and Multi-Output Support Vector Regression (M-SVR)
30RuhiyatIPB UniversityContingent Life Insurance Premium and Policy Value using Gamma-Gompertz Mortality Distribution Model
31Sutawanir DarwisUniversitas Islam BandungThe Earthquake Risk of Financial Assets
32Utriweni MukhaiyarInstitut Teknologi BandungA Bayesian Approach to the Classic and Optimal Bonus-Malus Systems in Pure Premium Calculations of Vehicle Insurance
33Vieri KoerniawanInstitut Teknologi BandungActuarial Modeling for Coordination of Benefit Scheme of Indonesia’s Mandatory Health Insurance
34Vincensius Ferer Christian WirasugemaInstitut Teknologi BandungThe Construction of Event Loss Tables of Residential Properties in each Kota/Kabupaten in Papua Region, Indonesia, based on the Probability Distribution of the Tectonic Earthquake Moment Magnitudes
35Wartika Syilviana HasibuanBPJS KesehatanMorbidity Rate of Catastrophic Diseases in JKN Program 2016-2021
36Wilan SutisnaInstitut Teknologi BandungModeling the Spatial Dependence of Financial Losses Due to Earthquakes on the Baribis Fault: A Case Study on Building Damage in DKI Jakarta Province
37Yalela Sa’adahInstitut Teknologi BandungProvision for Adverse Deviation (PAD) Calculation on Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance Reserve Risk Using Continuous Markovian Chain
38Yuli Sri AfriantiInstitut Teknologi BandungThe Relationship between Customer Locations and Claim Products using Correspondence Analysis and Flow Graphs